Who to call when someone dies – What to do first?

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When someone passes away it can be a most confusing and upsetting time, even if the death was expected. Here’s a simple guide as to who you should contact as soon as someone dies.

If your loved one has died suddenly or unexpectedly at home or out and about, you should call the Police on 000. The Police will then take care of the procedures that need to happen after that.

Who should you call first?

Who should you call first?

If your loved one has died at home under Palliative Care, you or your Palliative Care health worker need to call the Doctor. The Doctor will officially certify that death has occurred, at which time you are free to call your Funeral Director.

If your loved one passes away at a Residential Care/Nursing Home, even if it is night time, a staff member will call the Funeral Director (as nominated in the resident’s file). The Funeral Director would then make contact with the family, as soon as is practical.

If the death occurs at a private or public Hospital, you should contact your Funeral Director who will liaise with the Hospital from then on.

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