What to do when someone dies

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What to do when someone dies

The death of a family member or loved one will never be easy. Whether it has been expected for some time or is a sudden passing, it is a sad and bewildering time.

Apart from the obvious emotional aspects of losing a loved one, the first few hours and days after a death can also be a time of enormous pressure for those left behind; they are often faced with a flood of important choices which need to be made quickly.

For instance, there are so many funeral directors in Adelaide – which should you choose? How much do funerals in Adelaide cost? What is the cost of a cremation in South Australia as compared to burial?

If you’ve never had to organise a funeral before, you will find that funeral homes in Adelaide vary greatly in the way they operate – how will you know which funeral home will provide the best caring service, value for money, etc?

Sensible Funerals is a family-owned Adelaide-based funeral home, so we can answer many of the commonly asked questions about funerals in Adelaide that come up like – Is a funeral casket different to a funeral coffin? Is the coffin burnt in a cremation in Australia? Are natural burials done in South Australia?

So, where do you start when having to organise a funeral in Adelaide? It will be our privilege to help you.

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