When a loved one dies, there’s a lot that a good funeral director in Adelaide can do to help you through the funeral process. Whether it’s choosing a coffin, finding a suitable date, booking venues or simply providing advice on a whole host of questions.

But can your Adelaide funeral director help you choose any music that you will play?

For many people, music is a very important aspect to a funeral. The songs that are played provide family, friends and other mourners a sense of your loved one’s personality, character and, in some cases, humour.

Often accompanied by a multimedia presentation of images or when the coffin is being taken from the funeral service, music can stir the emotions and leave a lasting impression of the funeral for those that attend.

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How your funeral director can help you

So, can your funeral director help you choose the all important music? 

Yes, they can, although it should be said that music is very personal. While a good Adelaide funeral director can certainly provide suggestions and help you decide the song list, ultimately, it’s best if your loved one decides on the songs beforehand. If this isn’t possible, someone close to them who knows the deceased’s musical tastes is likely to be able to provide direction.

Some popular funeral music

All that being said, here’s a list of songs that are popular choices at funerals and you may choose to consider when sending off your loved one in a fitting way:

  • For religious and older classics, it’s hard to go past songs like Amazing Grace, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Hallelujah, We’ll Meet Again, Nearer My God To Thee, Ave Maria and Abide With Me.
  • For slightly more modern classics, consider My Sweet Lord, Wind Beneath My Wings, Tears In Heaven, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Wish You Were Here and Goodbye’s The Saddest Word.
  • More modern again are songs like Don’t Dream It’s Over, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) and Bittersweet Symphony.
  • For something a little more left of field, there are songs like Highway to Hell and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.
  • Plus, of course, for those who love their football, there are team theme songs. The Crows and Port Power songs may well be the most played songs at funerals in Adelaide!

Sensible Funerals can make organising a funeral in Adelaide easy

Whether it’s helping you decide on the music that will send off your loved one in style, or assisting with the multitude of other things that need to be done, Sensible Funerals in Adelaide can make organising a funeral easier.

While we may not be able to help make your loved one’s passing any less emotional, we can make organising the funeral less stressful and allow you to grieve and celebrate their life the way you want.

We offer a range of affordable funeral packages customised to meet your exact requirements. To find out more about how we can help you, phone (08) 8241 5655 or use our contact form to speak to us.