…Care, compassion and understanding…

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Hi Rod,
I just wanted to say thank you for your care, compassion and understanding at Craig’s funeral on 22nd March. The whole service was exactly what I had hoped it would be. It was actually a very important process for me, to ensure that the best of the man that I knew for so long was celebrated in a way in keeping with his very individual spirit.
The way you ran the service, the words you chose and your whole approach was as if you knew and understood Craig, and had a sense of the person that he was. That was a wonderful feeling, and contributed to the emotions everyone felt on the day, I think. Your opening words to the (very non-secular) reading I chose were just perfect and guaranteed that no one of faith would feel offended.
I know I had been overly organised in putting together the service, eulogies, music etc. It was only when you started to read the committal that I realised we hadn’t discussed the exact text of what you normally say, beforehand! There was absolutely no need for me to worry, however, as you spoke beautifully in a way that exactly captured the type of simple, secular, farewell I would have chosen for Craig. Thank you. I feel really lucky that I chose Sensible Funerals as every step of the process was not only easy, practical but also so supportive to create a celebration that was really “Craig”.


Thanks once again