…Harley Hearse…Dwayne’s last ride…

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Sensible Funerals have done an amazing job with my brother’s funeral at the age of 29 years young. He was riding his Harley Davidson when he was killed! (not his fault). So as a reminder of what Dwayne loved and had a passion for – riding his bike – we sent Dwayne off with Tim.

Tim gave Dwayne a beautiful thing – Dwayne’s final ride! It was such a beautiful way of sending someone off – so sad but with such style and my brother would have loved everything Tim and Shanti have done for us!

Shanti spoke for us at the funeral and she did an amazing job – such beautiful words!

I highly recommend these amazing humans – as my brother would say – they are only here to help and do what’s best for you!

You will not be disappointed on the amazing job these guys will do for you!

Thank you so much Shanti and Tim