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When a loved one passes away overseas, sometimes the best place for their final goodbye to take place is here in Australia. Or, when someone passes away in Australia, you may wish for their final farewell to occur at the place of their birth; perhaps a family grave or a church cemetery where members of the family have always been buried.


At Sensible Funerals our family of staff is able to assist in transporting your loved one’s body to wherever it is required for the funeral service. Our funeral arrangers will make the following arrangements for you:

  • Full repatriation services to and from Australia and remote locations within Australia
  • Liaise with relevant government departments, overseas Consulates and Embassies
  • Organise flight bookings
  • Transfer of the deceased to the airport
  • Arrangement of documentation for Customs clearance
  • Appropriate mortuary preparation and/or embalming and supply of coffin which complies with regulations including a hermetically sealed inner zinc coffin.
    • The first rule of air travel is that the deceased must be embalmed. This preservative treatment of the deceased is designed to alleviate the need to keep them in a cooled environment. This procedure preserves and improves the condition of the deceased until they arrive home. It also ensures the safety of the people who handle the casket at various stages of the journey. Unless there is a significant religious objection this is normally a mandatory requirement.
  • Liaise with interstate or overseas funeral director
  • All other necessary funeral related arrangements that may be required


The First Step

The first step is to make contact with our staff by calling (08) 8241 5655.  Our staff will then begin the process of transferring the deceased to the required destination with safety and care. Our staff will require the following information:

  • The full name of the deceased
  • Location of the deceased
  • Passport number (and a copy if possible) and Nationality if the deceased is overseas
  • Full name and relationship of next of kin or person responsible for arranging the transfer
  • Telephone and email contact and address of the next of kin or person responsible for arranging the transfer
  • Travel Insurer’s name and Policy number and contact details (if applicable); Most travel insurance policies contain a specific clause stating that in the event of someone dying abroad the insurance company will cover the cost of returning their body home, or the cremation of the person who has died abroad
  • Whether Cremation or Burial is intended
  • Name, address, telephone and email address of the funeral home receiving or repatriating the deceased

Once we have received all the necessary information, our staff will deal directly with the appropriate authorities to secure the required documentation and arrange the transfer.


How Much Will Repatriation Cost?

There are many variables involved in the cost. Those variables being:

  • distance being travelled and location
  • Available flights and airlines

Our staff members work with industry leaders in international flights to find the most cost-effective options which also suit families’ timelines.


If you would like to discuss the methods and costs of repatriating a deceased person, contact us on (08) 8241 5655 for a no obligation quotation.


To Shanti and Colleagues at Sensible Funerals
I would like to personally thank you all for the help provided with the documentation and process of repatriation to Noumea, New Caledonia of the late Mrs Odile Ulm. Everything went well in Noumea.
Wishing the Sensible Funerals team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with all the best for 2019.
Thank you again for your professional service.


Kind regards
Alain Piochaud

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