Death is an inevitable part of life, and yet, it’s a topic that some people in Adelaide hesitate to discuss or plan for. As we will see in this blog, pre-arranging your own funeral isn’t a morbid topic. In fact, with the help of a good funeral director, you can think of it more as planning to celebrate your life than preparing for death.

5 benefits of pre-arranged funerals

There are many reasons why pre-arranging your own funeral makes sense. Here are our top five:

There are many reasons why pre-arranging your own funeral makes sense. Here are our top five:

1. When you pre-arrange your funeral, you can specify every detail according to your preferences. From the type of service, the choice of music, the casket and the location of the ceremony. This will ensure your funeral is more personal and meaningful. It will reflect your life, values, and beliefs, and celebrate your unique journey.

2. Organising a funeral and making difficult decisions at a time of grief and loss can be stressful for loved ones. Pre-arranging your own funeral takes away this stress and the emotional burden. It leaves family with the time and space to grieve without having to worry about every little detail.

3. In times of grief, emotions can run high, and disagreements can arise among family members over funeral arrangements. Pre-arranging minimises the chances of conflicts arising, ensuring that your family can focus on supporting each other rather than making difficult choices.

4. Knowing that you have taken care of your funeral arrangements brings a sense of peace and control to many people. You can get on with the rest of your life, safe in the knowledge that your family won’t be burdened with making difficult decisions when you do pass away.

5. Last but certainly not least is the cost of funerals. While you can pre-arrange a funeral without pre-paying, if you do pre-pay you can lock in the cost at today’s rates. Like everything in life, funeral costs rise over time, so it can make sense to pre-pay. By pre-paying you’ll also be sparing your family from potential financial strain.


In many ways, pre-arranging your funeral is a final, selfless act that provides numerous benefits to both you and your loved ones. It relieves emotional, financial, and logistical burdens, ensures your wishes are respected, and allows for a deeply personal and meaningful farewell.

Do all funeral directors in Adelaide offer pre-arranged funerals?

Not all funeral directors in Adelaide offer pre-arranged funerals, but many do. It’s advisable to contact your favoured funeral director to inquire about their pre-arrangement services and whether they can help you.

If you’re looking for a funeral director in Adelaide that does offer pre-paid and pre-arranged funerals, Sensible Funerals is a smart choice. The process to pre-arrange your funeral is simple and easy. You can choose from a variety of our funeral packages and customise to suit your personal needs and budget.

Once you’ve decided on all the details, you can also pre-pay for your funeral now if you want. This will lock in the cost to today’s price. You also have the option of paying off your funeral over three years.

To talk to a Sensible Funerals consultant about pre-arranging your funeral, give us a call on 08 8241 5655.