The Sensible Caskets

As well as a full range of traditional shaped coffins, Sensible Funerals also offers the unique Sensible Casket

This innovation in design combines all the necessary requirements of the traditional casket, whilst minimising waste and keeping costs low. What makes the Sensible Casket unique is that it is a separate internal casket made of lightweight yet incredibly strong craft wood, which is removed from the outer cover prior to cremation.

The traditional looking outer casket cover comes in either Rosewood or Arctic White, or alternatively the Sensible Casket can be covered with a soft Velvet Pall.

The quality and style of the casket cover provides what is considered by some as a more aesthetically pleasing appearance at the funeral service than a plain cardboard casket. It also allows for a flexible, low cost and Sensible approach to funerals.



Sensible Funerals

Sensible Funerals was founded by my father, the late Keith Russell, on the philosophy that a funeral does not have to be elaborate and cost a fortune for it to be dignified and respectful.