Cremated Remains

A Final Resting Place – your options for cremated remains

After the Funeral – Collection of Ashes and Alternatives

We appreciate that it is often difficult to decide on the final resting place for cremated remains, and we are pleased to offer some options for your consideration.

The cremated remains will be held in our care until a decision has been made, and we will assist you with any arrangements and formalities regarding your choice.

Ashes may only be collected by the Commissioner of the Funeral or someone else nominated by the Commissioner. The Commissioner of the Funeral is the person who has signed the Permit to Cremate.

You may wish to consider the following alternatives for handling the cremated remains (ashes):

Scattering of Ashes

Families may want to honour a wish for ashes to be scattered at a special location. They may have chosen a favourite place – a beach, country park, or holiday location, and provided that scattering is carried out sensibly and with discretion, there should not be any problem. Cremated remains are hygienic, bio-degradable, and safe to flora and fauna. We recommend that approval from a controlling authority be obtained before scattering ashes in a private or public place. Some families prefer to bury or scatter the cremated remains of a loved one in their own garden, and for that no permission is necessary. Some golf clubs and football clubs will allow scattering, but permission must always be sought.

Placement of Ashes in a Family Grave

Ashes may be placed in a family grave. You may arrange for a plaque or inscription on the existing headstone. Friends and relatives are welcome to attend the placement of ashes. A fee is usually charged by the cemetery for this service.

Memorial Urns

If you would like an alternative to the ashes container provided by the crematorium, for the ashes to be taken home, a number of elegant urns are available for selection at our office. Please contact our staff to view the selection.

Sensible Funerals

Sensible Funerals was founded by my father, the late Keith Russell, on the philosophy that a funeral does not have to be elaborate and cost a fortune for it to be dignified and respectful.