The loss of a loved one can be a very stressful time, even more so if you need to help organise the funeral. There are many decisions to make, including what funeral stationery to organise.

Some funeral homes in Adelaide will push you into going big, with a memorial card, an order of service, a thank you card, a leather-bound memorial guest book and perhaps even more.

They may encourage you with words such as how funeral stationery is a beautiful way to commemorate your loved one’s life, how it will provide an irreplaceable keepsake, how it can provide legacy and remembrance.

However, is funeral stationery really necessary and is it worth the expense?

What funeral stationery can you organise?

Common funeral stationery options include a guest book that people who attend can sign. An order of service or funeral program is also popular. This will include content such as a chronological list of what will take place during the funeral and an image or images of the deceased.

But the options don’t end there. Other stationery possibilities include:

  • Memorial cards are keepsakes that can be handed out at the funeral.
  • Acknowledgement cards are essentially thank you cards that are given to those people who helped organise or run the funeral.
  • Announcement cards are sent to guests to invite them to the funeral.
  • A condolence book is similar to a guest book and allows space for people to include messages.
  • Thank you cards can be organised to send after the funeral to those who attended.
  • Funeral bookmarks are handed out at funerals to provide to guests as a memento.

Is funeral stationery necessary?

The simple answer is absolutely not.

Not all funeral homes in Adelaide will push you to spend a heap of money on funeral stationery, but some will. And at Sensible Funerals, we don’t think it’s necessary. While most funerals will have a guest book to capture the names of guests and perhaps a funeral program, even these aren’t strictly necessary.

If you do want some stationery, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, keep it simple. Many of Sensible Funerals’ packages include a simple guest book in the cost, which is perfectly appropriate for most families. And if you want a funeral program or a memorial card, you can always do a humble one yourself that you can print at home.

At the end of the day, having more funeral stationery, a more expensive coffin, hiring a limousine to transport family members or going to other additional expenses isn’t going to express a greater love and appreciation for the deceased. If you can afford these options and want them, that’s fine. But don’t consider them an absolute necessity, and don’t get pushed into them by your funeral home.

Always remember, a funeral does not have to be elaborate or cost a fortune for it to be dignified and respectful.