If you walk into some funeral directors in Adelaide and enquire about the average cost of a funeral, you might need to be prepared for a shock. While the cost of living has skyrocketed recently, it seems so too has the cost of a funeral.

According to Australian Seniors, you can expect to pay over $11,000 for an average premium burial in Australia, with some funerals costing as much as $19,000. Even a basic burial doesn’t come for a basic fee – that will set you back around $8,000. Cremations will cost less but when you add in some options it’s still a hefty price tag.

Why do Adelaide funerals cost so much?

To better understand why funerals can cost so much, it’s worth looking at the key drivers in the price. There are essentially three:

  • The location of the funeral
  • How much your funeral director charges
  • The level of service or options you choose

Funeral Location

If you live in Adelaide and want to get buried or cremated here, it will likely cost you more than say if you lived in most regional parts of South Australia. Consider yourself a bit fortunate, however. The average cost in some cities – like Sydney and Melbourne – is generally significantly higher than in Adelaide.

Funeral directors’ costs

Funeral directors in Adelaide provide the same service, so they’d roughly cost the same. You might think so, but in practice, the simple answer is they don’t. Some charge less and some charge more. In some cases, a whole lot more.

Partly, it’s because most people don’t shop around when they’re organising a funeral and don’t query the costs, so they often pay more than they need to.

Even if they do shop around, in many cases, they’re often getting quotes from the same business. That’s because many funeral directors in Adelaide – even the ones that appear to be locally owned – can be owned by large companies. A locally-owned funeral director is likely to be more focussed on families than commissions or profits and can be more flexible to suit individual needs.

Level of funeral service and options

While there are costs involved with a funeral that you can’t avoid, such as transport and storage of the remains and legal documents, perhaps the biggest difference in the cost of a funeral is the level of service and options chosen.

For example, one of the big differences is whether you choose a cremation or burial, with cremation often significantly cheaper. For example, a basic cremation in Adelaide costs around $4000 less than the equivalent burial.

Then there are things like the coffin you choose, where the service will be held, the cost of flowers, the celebrant, whether you hire a car or limousine for family, whether the funeral is filmed and a whole host of other options.

How much does a funeral cost in Adelaide?

As you can see, the cost of a funeral in Adelaide can be quite low or it can be exorbitant.

At Sensible Funerals, we provide a wide range of cremation and burial options that allow you to celebrate the life of your loved one the way you want. With our philosophy of providing funerals that are dignified and respectful without having to spend a fortune, our cremations start from less than $1900, while our burials start from $3,475.

Even our more expensive funerals aren’t overly expensive, although if you do want options such as an upgraded coffin or casket, memorial cards and candles, an organist and filming of the service, we can do this for you.