While the live streaming of funerals in Adelaide, around Australia and across the world became more of a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first funeral live stream is believed to have been around 20 years ago. The first funeral homes in Australia to provide the service came along a couple of years later and today they are commonplace.

In this blog, we’ll look at why live streaming of funeral services have become more mainstream. We’ll also look at whether more and more funeral homes in Adelaide offer the service and how much it is likely to cost.

Why are funeral homes offering live streaming?

Live streaming funerals offers several significant benefits, particularly in today’s digital age:

Virtual Attendance
As we highlighted in the introduction, during COVID-19 restrictions, live streaming became more of a necessity. It allowed people to virtually attend a funeral when they couldn’t be there in person. COVID – or at least its restrictions – may have passed; however, there are still times when people can’t attend funerals because of illness, accessibility issues or other circumstances.

Geographical distances can also make it difficult to attend a funeral. For someone who lives in Brisbane or Perth for example, or is holidaying overseas, attending a funeral in Adelaide would be costly and disruptive. Live streamlining allows these people to participate and share in the service.

Keep a copy
Live streaming provides a way to archive and preserve the funeral service for future viewing. This is especially beneficial for those who may not have been able to attend or for family members and others who wish to revisit and reflect on the service later.

Venue Capacity
Live streaming helps overcome any capacity limitations due to venue sizes.

Funeral timing
While it’s common for there to be a reasonable gap between people’s passing and their funeral, at times, this isn’t the case. In addition, some cultures require people to be buried soon after their passing. These short-notice funerals can make it difficult for people to attend.

Pay respect without attending the funeral
Some people don’t like attending funerals but still want to pay their respects and remember the person in their own way.

Are more funeral homes in Adelaide offering live streaming?

The simple answer is yes. More and more funeral homes in Adelaide are offering a live streaming service. In addition, after the funeral, recordings are generally placed on the funeral home’s website.

Costs to provide the service do vary significantly. Comparison site Finder suggests that live streaming a funeral can cost as little as $80 or up to $750 and much higher if a more professional service is chosen.

To live stream or not to live stream – There is a Sensible answer

Sensible Funerals offers live streaming. In some cases it is included in the funeral package.
Please speak to our Funeral Coordinators to confirm the live-streaming fee.

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