While many Australians may not consider cremations as a traditional funeral option, they are now more widely chosen than burials. In fact, across the nation, the state and in Adelaide, the number of cremations easily surpass the number of burials.

Cremation statistics

How many cremations are performed in Australia every year? In a word, many.

  • According to a survey by the Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association, the average annual number of cremations in Australia is over 110,000. That’s means around 65 per cent are choosing cremations over other funeral options. And the number of cremations and percentage is growing.
  • In South Australia, around 10,000 cremations are performed every year.
  • In Adelaide, around 75 per cent of families are choosing to have their loved one cremated rather than buried.

Why are cremations more widely chosen in Adelaide?

There are several reasons why cremations are being more widely chosen over a more traditional burial in Adelaide, the state and across the nation. These include:

  • Many families want a place they can visit to remember their loved ones after they have passed. With a traditional burial, this is usually the burial plot, but this isn’t always convenient. With cremations, the ashes can be stored in an urn and kept in the family’s home, scattered in an area that has special meaning to the family or interred at a memorial site such as a crematorium.
  • While costs aren’t something that most people want to think about when it comes to funerals, the fact is that cremations are potentially a more affordable option than burials. Burial expenses quickly add up, particularly with the cost of a casket, burial plot and headstone. 
  • At a time of great grief, the environment may normally take a backseat, but it’s nice to know that cremations are an environmentally friendly funeral option. Traditional burials require a significant amount of resources, much more than for cremations. 
  • Traditional burials have many rituals and customs that are generally adhered to, while cremations allow for greater flexibility and personalisation in how the funeral will be held. It’s a sign of today’s society that many families want more freedom to hold a funeral in the way that best reflects their loved one’s unique personality.
  • The physical presence of a body in a casket can be difficult for some family members and the cremation process helps alleviate this.

Which is best for you and your loved one? A cremation or a burial? This is a very individual decision and there are no right answers. One thing Sensible Funerals recommends is to talk to your loved one, if possible, so they have input into the final decision.

Cremations in Adelaide with Sensible Funerals

At Sensible Funerals, we provide a wide range of cremation options that allow you to celebrate the life of your loved one the way you want.

With our philosophy of providing funerals that are dignified and respectful, without having to spend a fortune, our cremations start from less than $1900 for a direct cremation with no funeral service. Cremations with a funeral service in our chapel start from less than $3000.