The loss of a loved one is one is one of the biggest stresses that anyone can face.

While the grief of loss can be bad enough, organising the funeral can add to the pressure.

You want to get every detail of the funeral right, but when your mind is clouded, it’s not easy to do.

A good Funeral Director will help you 

This is where a good funeral director can help. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have and take care of any details you don’t need to get involved with. Ultimately, they’ll help provide a fitting send-off for your loved one and make the process less stressful.

If you live in the Adelaide area, how do you choose the right funeral director for your needs?

Plan ahead

Before we get onto a few tips, one key point that’s worth highlighting is pre-paid and pre-arranged funerals.

There are many advantages to planning funerals ahead, where possible. These include:

Your loved one will be able to have all the input they want into their own funeral.
Because all the details are decided in advance, there’s less hassle and stress for family members.
There can also be financial benefits. For example, the funeral can be paid in full at today’s prices.

If a pre-paid funeral hasn’t been arranged, you may still be able to talk to your loved one about their funeral wishes before they die. This ensures your loved one has the funeral they want and reduces the stress of organising everything after their passing.

Choosing the right funeral director

You can compare funeral directors online to help find one that suits your needs. Look for aspects such as transparency of pricing, what is included in their professional fee, their location and customer reviews.

While you can compare online, it’s probably not wise to choose your Adelaide funeral director via the net. You should talk to one or more on the phone or in-person to make sure they’re suitable for you. You need to feel comfortable with the funeral director you choose and trust they can deliver a respectful and dignified service.

Ask lots of questions of the funeral director. For example, what’s included in the price of packages and what’s not, what’s their experience and where can the funeral take place?

Some people will want to know what happens with their loved one after they pass, while some won’t. If you do, don’t be afraid to ask. A good funeral director will tell you everything you want to know and help put your mind at ease.

Many funeral directors in Adelaide will have a chapel where you can conduct your funeral service. If you’re looking at this option, visit the chapel to make sure it’s clean, comfortable, peaceful and suitable for your requirements.

Ask who owns and runs the funeral director business. Many are owned and operated by large companies. A locally owned funeral director is likely to be more focused on families than commissions or profits and can be more flexible to suit individual needs.

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