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When a loved one passes away overseas, sometimes the best place for their final goodbye to take place is here in Australia. Or, when someone passes away in Australia, you may wish for their final farewell to occur at the place of their birth; perhaps a family grave or a church cemetery where members of the family have always been buried.   At Sensible Funerals our family of staff is able to assist in transporting your loved one’s body to wherever it is required for the funeral service. Our funeral arrangers will make the following arrangements for you: Full repatriation services to and from...

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What to do when someone dies

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What to do when someone dies The death of a family member or loved one will never be easy. Whether it has been expected for some time or is a sudden passing, it is a sad and bewildering time. Apart from the obvious emotional aspects of losing a loved one, the first few hours and days after a death can also be a time of enormous pressure for those left behind; they are often faced with a flood of important choices which need to be made quickly. For instance, there are so many funeral directors in Adelaide – which should you choose? How much do funerals in Adelaide cost? What is the cost...

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Who to call when someone dies – What to do first?

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WHO TO CALL WHEN SOMEONE DIES? When someone passes away it can be a most confusing and upsetting time, even if the death was expected. Here’s a simple guide as to who you should contact as soon as someone dies. If your loved one has died suddenly or unexpectedly at home or out and about, you should call the Police on 000. The Police will then take care of the procedures that need to happen after that. If your loved one has died at home under Palliative Care, you or your Palliative Care health worker need to call the Doctor. The Doctor will officially certify that death has occurred, at...

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What to bring to a Funeral arrangement

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What to bring to a funeral arrangement At such a stressful time as arranging a funeral, it can be difficult to know what you need to bring along to the funeral home. Of course, it’s not absolutely necessary to bring everything on this list, but it may get you thinking about items you’ve not thought of before, or that might take time to locate. Centrelink/ Social Security info Copy of the Will Birth Certificate of deceased Cemetery or Burial Plot licence Photos – for a Memorial Card or Celebration of Life DVD Set of clothing Jewellery or accessories – a scarf or favourite...

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Natural Burial Service

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Bush grave … The green alternative Celebrating the life of a loved one and providing a bushland setting for the final resting place is a growing trend in our society. Many people today have embraced this concept as an alternative to traditional funerals. The first “woodland” burial site was opened in England in 1993 and since then the idea has spread across the world and now there are a number of natural burial sites available in Australia. So what are the benefits of a Natural Burial and how does it work? A full graveside service can still be conducted, but in a tranquil...

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