Are you considering a Direct Cremation?

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In many situations today a Direct Cremation can admirably suit the needs of both the deceased person as well as the family.

It may be a small family or it might be an elderly person with only a small peer group still alive. Sometimes it can be for financial reasons. Whatever the reason the use of a Direct Cremation can meet the needs of many families.

Cremation with no Chapel Service

Although there is no chapel service this does not preclude the possibility of the family later holding either a memorial service at a location of their choosing or an informal family get together to honour the loved one’s passing. Sometimes this can be at the location chosen for the scattering of the cremated remains or it might be a celebration of a loved one’s life at the family home.

At Sensible Funerals, we understand and respect these situations and are always willing to work with the family to achieve the most suitable outcome.

Cremation with viewing in our chapel

We know that it is important for many families to view their loved one before the day of the cremation. Our chapel is ideally suited for this special time; A lovely environment where the immediate family might come to say their final goodbyes with music of your choice playing softly in the background and the large water feature adding a peaceful and calming ambience.

Some families may wish to hire the Chapel for a viewing where they might invite the wider family and friends and of course having the viewing in a Chapel such as ours provides a level of dignity and respect to the occasion without the expense of a full chapel service.