It’s not an uncommon belief that all funeral homes in Adelaide are essentially the same. Providing the same service but with a different sign out the front.

Yes, of course, we all conduct funerals. We all hopefully provide a dignified and respectful way to say goodbye to a loved one. But that doesn’t mean we’re all the same or that our services are equivalent.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways that funeral homes differentiate themselves. It will hopefully help you decide on the best funeral provider for you and your family.

Funeral homes – the differences

  1. The vast majority of funeral homes in Adelaide, and indeed across the nation, will provide both cremations and burials. While cremations are more common in Adelaide (around three out of four choose a cremation) burials are still a popular choice. While most funeral homes offer both choices, each will have different service levels. Some will offer only lower-cost funerals while others are at the higher end. Others will offer a range of options to suit your wishes.

  2. As is the case for all service providers, some funeral homes in Adelaide have little experience, while some have been in operation for decades. Is experience vital? While most people would agree that a certain level of experience is certainly vital, attitude, professionalism and friendliness are just as important.
  3. As alluded to in our first point, the price you’ll pay for a funeral can vary depending on the funeral director you choose. Some funeral homes understand that the amount you pay doesn’t necessarily dictate the quality of the send-off for a loved one. Good providers will also help guide you through your options if money is an issue for you.
  4. While traditional funerals – which have been held for centuries – are still very common, these days many people are choosing to be more innovative. Most funeral homes will offer traditional funerals, while not all will be flexible and responsive.

One more big difference

There is one more big difference between funeral homes in Adelaide and it’s that many are very large businesses. These funeral homes have locations in different suburbs all around the city. Indeed, they may have locations throughout the state and sometimes the nation.

In some cases, these large businesses are obvious as they have the same names, but this isn’t always so. That’s because in some cases large businesses have bought out funeral homes and kept the original family names, generally to make them look like independent, family-run businesses.

Then there are genuine independent funeral homes that are mostly family-owned and run. The potential benefits of using an independent funeral director include:

  • Independent funeral directors are not beholden to shareholders. Their locations are not driven by commissions based on sales or upselling to gain the biggest revenue from each funeral.
  • Independent funeral homes are also likely to be flexible and responsive to individual needs.
  • They understand the importance of providing the best service possible because their business relies on it for repeat custom and referrals.
  • They’re local and part of the community. They also provide jobs and work for locals.