About Sensible Funerals

“SENSIBLE FUNERALS was founded by my father, the late Keith Russell, on the philosophy that a funeral does not have to be elaborate and cost a fortune for it to be dignified and respectful”


Honest and respectful funerals at a Sensible price.

Today as in the past, “Traditional” family and corporate-owned funeral directors have structured their services on the premise that a dignified and respectful funeral comes from providing the bereaved with many extravagant and unnecessary costly options like fancy chapels, embalming, ornate coffins and limousines.

We believe this approach only adds to funeral directors’ profits and adds nothing to the dignity and respect for the deceased.

Over 30 years ago Keith Russell revolutionised the funeral industry when he started a funeral company called “Simplicity” offering simple funerals at about a third of the going price.

Simplicity Funerals was acquired by American interests in 1987 and is now owned and operated by a large company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. When Keith Russell looked at the industry in 1999, he saw that prices had soared, so he started again. This time he called it SENSIBLE FUNERALS.

I’m Shanti Russell, and I’m proud to continue his work. Sensible Funerals is an Adelaide-owned company, with no commissions based on sales and no shareholders to answer to. Our philosophy remains the same.

Simple, honest and respectful funerals at a Sensible price.

We are an Independent Family-Owned Business

While many funeral homes still have family names, quite a few are actually owned and operated by large corporations with headquarters in another state. Around a quarter of all funerals in Australia are conducted by just one funeral home operator, and because they maintain the original name of the funeral business they have taken over, it isn’t always easy to know.

Why is a locally-owned funeral company better?

A focus on families – We answer to you, not shareholders or head office, and we understand that our business will only do well if we serve you well. We don’t try to sell you something you don’t need and we don’t operate on commissions. We are flexible and responsive to your individual needs.

Long-term commitment – We are devoted to providing you the best service possible for your present needs and to build a relationship of trust so that you will return to us in the future. This is where we live and work. It’s where we plan to stay. When you need us, we’ll be here.

Familiarity – We choose to do our business with local people we know and trust. When your family suffers the loss of a loved one, it can be comforting to know your funeral director and be informed about your options. So we are always happy to talk to you well before you need us.


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Shanti Russell
Managing Director