"Sensible Funerals (08) 8241 5655 - In the Keith Russell Family tradition."

Sensible Funerals was founded by my father, the late Keith Russell, on the philosophy that a funeral does not have to be elaborate and cost a fortune for it to be dignified and respectful.


“Most clients choose our modern Chapel and Lounge at Ridleyton (Central Adelaide), however we can conduct funerals at any location of your choice”

Pre-Paid & Pre-Arranged

As well as arranging funerals at the time of need, we organise pre-paid and pre-arranged funerals.

The process is simple and easy, consisting of a short visit from one of our consultants, or if you prefer, arrangements can be made in our office.


When you lose someone you have to make some decisions at a time that your feelings are raw and you could be very vulnerable. Sensible Funerals staff guided us through the process with the minimum of stress. They are NOT in the ripoff business. They have an eco-friendly system that uses a re-usable ‘over casket’ which is what you see and is as flash as any – and it has a basic coffin inside which is not seen and goes to the cremation. Very sensible and cost effective! The Service is held in thei…

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